A local clothing shop is marking down all of its summer clothes by 75%. Sarah would like to purchase a swimsuit that is originally priced at $50. When she gets to the register, she signs up for a loyalty card that saves her an additional 10%. How much did she spend on the swimsuit after both discounts?Find the markdown price of the swimsuit. Then, find the markdown of the loyalty card. Subtract to find the final price.

Accepted Solution

Answer:$11.25Step-by-step explanation:We need to decrease $ 50 by 75% first and get an answer. ON TOP OF THAT, we need to decrease by 10% to get final price.75% is 0.75, so we find 75% of 50 to be:0.75 * 50 = 37.5So markdown price would be 50 - 37.5 = 12.5now we find 10% of 12.5, which is:0.10 * 12.5 = 1.25So markdown price would be 12.5 - 1.25 = 11.25The final price of the swimsuit is $11.25