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  1. @ebelilov Rather at FAIR Paris? :p

  2. @ovh_support_fr @ovh_fr C'est parfait. Merci beaucoup ! Y a-t-il un guide pour fusionner les partitions après la mise à niveau SVP ?

  3. @hardmaru It is currently faster than MathJax, and that’s all. @MathJax supports a larger set of commands/environme…

  4. @TheraPanacea @Paris_and_Co @jlmissika @Anne_Hidalgo @SanofiFR @Paris @centralesupelec @UnivParisSaclay @Inria…

  5. @francefootball Belle vidéo des buts de @Cristiano lors de la cérémonie. Mais une chose: aucun but contre la Barça…

  6. Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, by Richard S. Sutton and Andrew G. Barto Complete draft of the 2nd edition:

  7. RT @karpathy: Google released NASNet in TF a ~week ago, which is exciting the code is a bit difficult to parse but…

  8. Nice blog post about mixup, a recent data augmentation technique for neural networks.

  9. RT @AgoniGrammi: ~3,500 participants at @ICCV2017 #venice x2 of attendees compared to ICCV15! #computervision is very hot! top 4: #usa #chi…

  10. RT @rrwilliams: Norbert Blum posts details on the mistake in his P != NP claim.

  11. RT @soumithchintala: NVIDIA releases an open-source Deep Learning Inference chip design (based on Xavier), with full verilog source: https:…

  12. Common things you might have done wrong in your neural networks:

  13. Thrilled to see a boost in performance of @PyTorch in the upcoming months!

  14. RT @yoavgo: @alvations @deliprao @nlpnoah @kchonyc @gneubig @redpony @MosesSMT Graham's NMT course notes are really good, btw:…

  15. RT @dennybritz: Wrote up a quick opinion piece: Hype or Not? Some Perspective on OpenAI’s DotA 2 Bot