NEED HELP ASAP1. question : which triangle could not be similar to triangle ABC?select each correct answer.2. Which pairs of rectangles are similar polygons?Select each correct answer.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Part 1) Triangle GHI, JKLPart 2) [tex](40*15)and(8*3)[/tex], [tex](18*6)and(4.5*1.5)[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatIf two figures are similarthen the ratio of their corresponding sides are equal and is called the scale factorPart 1) case a) triangle GHIIf ABC and GHI are similar then[tex]\frac{4}{24}=\frac{3}{7}=\frac{5}{25}[/tex]but[tex]0.17 \neq 0.43 \neq \ 0.20[/tex]thereforeTriangle GHI is not similar to triangle ABCcase b) triangle DEFIf ABC and DEF are similar then[tex]\frac{4}{44}=\frac{3}{33}=\frac{5}{55}[/tex][tex]0.09=0.09=0.09[/tex]thereforeTriangle DEF is similar to triangle ABCcase c) triangle MNOIf ABC and MNO are similar then[tex]\frac{4}{10}=\frac{3}{7.5}=\frac{5}{12.5}[/tex][tex]0.4=0.4=0.4[/tex]thereforeTriangle MNO is similar to triangle ABCcase d) triangle JKLIf ABC and JKL are similar then[tex]\frac{4}{21}=\frac{3}{20}=\frac{5}{29}[/tex][tex]0.19 \neq 0.15 \neq 0.17[/tex]thereforeTriangle JKL is not similar to triangle ABCPart 2) case a) If the rectangles are similar, then[tex]\frac{40}{8}=\frac{15}{3}[/tex][tex]5=5[/tex]thereforethe rectangles are similarcase b) If the rectangles are similar, then[tex]\frac{18}{4.5}=\frac{6}{1.5}[/tex][tex]4=4[/tex]thereforethe rectangles are similarcase c) If the rectangles are similar, then[tex]\frac{1,225}{3.5}=\frac{144}{1.2}[/tex][tex]350\neq120[/tex]thereforethe rectangles are not similarcase d) If the rectangles are similar, then[tex]\frac{13}{5.2}=\frac{5}{2.5}[/tex][tex]2.5\neq 2[/tex]thereforethe rectangles are not similar