Pepper Jackie used a precision hydrometer to perform an experiment to local restaurants to determine which restaurant uses the most sugar in their beverages. She randomly tested 15 different types of beverages at each location to perform the conversion to calculate the amount of sugar in grams. The results of the experiment are displayed in the box plots below. Which description most accurately summarizes the sample results?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Both have about the same range of sugar,but Jim's jint uses more sugar overall.Step-by-step explanation:We will compare the sugar content of both the juice bars:Jim's juice joint65,65,65,66,66,67,69,72,73,75,75,78,80,82,85The Zest nest22,25,25,28,30,32,35,35,35,40,42,42,44,45,46We can see that The zest nest uses less sugar than the Jim's joint.There are 2 options that seem correct.The Zest nest is more consistent in their use of sugar in their beverages, and uses less sugar than Jim's juice joint overall.There can also be another answer that seems true. The first one.If we see the range, the Jim's variations is 85-65=20 and zest's variation is 46-22=24 which is very close to each other. But overall Jim's uses more sugar.So, the answer will be the first one. Now, I'll take the first one to be true.